Ken Swanson Short Track Frames

Years ago when i was surfing around i found this photo of a Ducati powered flat track bike….

Inaugurational Krowdrace

We were proud supporter of first KROWDRACE Flat Track Race in Diedenbergen, Germany.

Okie Dokie Vintage Flat Track Race, Japan, 2018

Two days after Yokohama Hot Rod Show the good people of Brat Style around Go Takamine and his lovely wife Masumi organized a Vintage Motorcycle Flat Track Race at the Offroad Village close to Kawagoe Saitama Prefecture, about 1 hour drive north-west from Tokyo City.

El Rollo, Wheels and Waves 2018

We took part at El Rollo Flat Track race at Wheels and Waves 2018. That was big fun with good people!

Alex Earle’s Flat Tracker Monster

Bereits mit seinem Prototypen eines Ducati Monster Flat Trackers hat der Autodesigner Alex Earle für mediale Furore gesorgt. Derzeit entwickelt er seine Kits weiter und testet sie am liebsten selbst auf den Straßen und Rennstrecken rund um Los Angeles.


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