The Real Story about Ducati

Brilliant insights in Ducati Production. Passion and precision on highest possible level, sometimes.

Set Photos of ROCKER Movie by Klaus Lemke

Take a look on these brilliant Set-Photos, all shot by Heinrich Klaffs in 1971. It shows vibrant rocker…

RUST Magazine meets BRUMMM Magazine

“… However, Köpf and Eusterhus have created a community of photographers whose work they support and recommend to other clients around the world. In fact, BRUMMM has become a de facto photographic agency with design directors and commercial clients contacting them to recommend photographers. “

Ken Swanson Short Track Frames

Years ago when i was surfing around i found this photo of a Ducati powered flat track bike….

The R 18 eagle has landed

Few days ago BMW Motorrad R 18 announced the R 18 Cruiser with its all new 1.802 cc…

Visit at our partner Dehen Knitting Co., Portland, Oregon

During our visit to Portland and its 11th The One Show (read our post here) by our long…

2. Auerberg Klassik, 13.-15. September 2019

Es hätte nicht schöner sein können! Über 10.000 Besucher kamen dank besten Spätsommerwetters am zweiten Septemberwochenende in das…

The One Show Portland 2020

BRUMMM was at The One Show in Portland with a little booth to present our motorcycle publication. We were sold out and even better, we made many new friends!

HPN Motorradtechnik, Seibersdorf, BMW GS Legends

HPN Motorradtechnik, Seibersdorf ‘BMW GS Legends’ Halbfeld, Pepperl and Neher are the names behind HPN Motorradtechnik, who began…

Nolan Helmets Press Event, Almeria ES

For ten years now, Nolan Germany invites press people for a few days to test their products. We had the pleasure to join this year – and we had a really good time.

Inaugurational Krowdrace

We were proud supporter of first KROWDRACE Flat Track Race in Diedenbergen, Germany.

Revival Cycles Birdcage, Austin TX

We had the pleasure to shoot also the second custombike of BMW Motorrad with their new 1800cc big boxer built by REVIVAL CYCLES in Austin, Texas. Please take a look!

Custom Works ZON BMW R18 build ‘Departed’

We had the pleasure to visit Yuichi Yoshizawa and Yoshikazu Ueda in Shiga Prefecture, who built the bike “Departed” with a prototype boxer engine of BMW Motorrad. Please take a look on our photos and the little video.

Okie Dokie Vintage Flat Track Race, Japan, 2018

Two days after Yokohama Hot Rod Show the good people of Brat Style around Go Takamine and his lovely wife Masumi organized a Vintage Motorcycle Flat Track Race at the Offroad Village close to Kawagoe Saitama Prefecture, about 1 hour drive north-west from Tokyo City.

Bernina Gran Tourismo Bergrennen, CH

Zum mittlerweile vierten Male wurde 22. und 23. September das Bernina Bergrennen von La Rösa bis zur Passhöhe über eine Strecke von 5,7 km durchgeführt. Bei bestem Wetter trafen sich etwa 65 historische Rennwagen und fuhren in zwei Wertungsklassen (Competition und Gleichmäßigkeit) auf den Berg. Eine Gruppe von 13 Freunden um den Schweizer Otto Ziegler durften ihre Nortons, BSAs, BMWs und Motosacoches in einer Gruppen-Showfahrt präsentieren.

Luftgekühlt, Munich

Last weekend we strolled around Munich’s Werksviertel where first edition of LUFTGEKÜHLT event was being held. Beautiful selection of cars and a very nice atmosphere was in the air.


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