The Real Story about Ducati

Brilliant insights in Ducati Production. Passion and precision on highest possible level, sometimes.

2. Auerberg Klassik, 13.-15. September 2019

Es hätte nicht schöner sein können! Über 10.000 Besucher kamen dank besten Spätsommerwetters am zweiten Septemberwochenende in das…

HPN Motorradtechnik, Seibersdorf, BMW GS Legends

HPN Motorradtechnik, Seibersdorf ‘BMW GS Legends’ Halbfeld, Pepperl and Neher are the names behind HPN Motorradtechnik, who began…

Custom Works ZON BMW R18 build ‘Departed’

We had the pleasure to visit Yuichi Yoshizawa and Yoshikazu Ueda in Shiga Prefecture, who built the bike “Departed” with a prototype boxer engine of BMW Motorrad. Please take a look on our photos and the little video.

RIP Rino Caracchi | Scuderia N.C.R. | Bologna

Few days ago Rino Caracchi, „C“ of Scuderia N.C.R. passed away. It was a big pleasure for me to meet this warm-hearted man and his son Stefano Caracchi in their house in Bologna last November …


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