Sven Wedemeyer

Sven grew up behind the Iron Curtain and experienced his automotive eureka moment parallel to the fall of the Wall. On November 10, 1989, he drove across the border in a bus “with a big star on the hood” into colourful West Berlin. In spite of his father, who ran a workshop and organized rally sport, vehicles were only abstract machines for him until then. Suddenly they meant freedom.

The family encouraged Sven’s new passion for cars and motorcycles. But school, studying and jobs as an art dealer, marketing professional or consultant for television broadcasters kept him from his real dream for a long time. The professional search for meaning was necessary in order recognize that it was not managing, but doing, that was his destiny.

In 2015, he decided to devote himself entirely to photography and journalism. As a convinced autodidact, Sven has since then spent his time creating uncontrived reportage features about people and vehicles with a history. Books and magazines of renowned publishers reflect his talent for bringing together words and images from a single source. Another interest of his includes his own classic cars and custom bikes. Picking up on their style, he has dubbed his automotive life’s work “Wheels of Stil.”

His series BUILT NOT BOUGHT is published in BRUMMM #04


BRUMMM is a printed platform for unique motorious photography.
212 pages, 24 x 30cm, bi-lingual in english and german.

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