Pack of 6 Various Stickers

Six randomly selected stickers of two different designs and colors (100x20mm and 80x55mm)

5,– EUR inklusive Versand innerhalb Deutschland

Artwork by Lennard Schuurmans – Barn Fresh

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Stickers #01

Available Colors:
silver / grey / white / yellow / neon-yellow / transparent

If you want specific color, please send email after buying! We will try to fulfill your sticker-dreams!

Artwork by Lennard Schuurmans – Barn Fresh

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Dimensions 21 × 15 × 1 cm

BRUMMM is a printed platform for unique motorious photography.
212 pages, 24 x 30cm, bi-lingual in english and german.

If you have feedback to our book or an interesting photo story you would like to publish in BRUMMM, please let us know.

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