Cédric Dubus

‘We come from a territory. We always try to define its limits. The notion of territory usually brings words like border, boundary, perimeter. If one seeks a definition of the word ‘territory’ we might find that: Portion of proposed land space in its reports with human groups that occupy and shall adjust to ensure the satisfaction of their needs.

Where is the boundary between the immediate environment and the public environment? That means the home, the house, the native land? What is life in France and Europe today? How do we take responsibility for the common history of a country, a region ? Through photography, through the prism of documentary fiction, I try to answer these questions.’

Cédric Dubus lives and works in Lille, France. His work is published in VICE France, VICE Belgium, PRIVATE magazine,This is paper, Booooooom, GUP, IMSO, Azart.fr, DARWIN, WAD, L’œil de la photographie, Clik Clk, Fisheye magazine, Der Greif, Fotografia, YET Magazine.

His series OCTANE is published in BRUMMM #01 



25. January 2017


BRUMMM #01, photographers


#01, Cedric Dubus

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